SEMDXA DXCC Most Wanted Survey: 2017-2018

Annual survey of SEMDXA Members



Several DX Most Wanted Surveys are available worldwide. Unlike global surveys, this survey is aimed directly at the mid-western (for the most part) membership of SEMDXA.
Fill out both Part I - Ham Contact Information and Part II - Most Wanted Entities. Then press the [SUBMIT] button.

Please submit your needed list between now and December 1, 2017. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone. The results will be published in the Longpath and on the SEMDXA website.

Thank you for your participation and Good DX!

Larry, K8UT

SEMDXA webmaster

NOTE: The browser session timeout for this SERVER (which I cannot control) is set for 24 minutes. You must complete your survey within that time limit or you will be greeted by a "your session has expired" message upon pressing the [SUBMIT] button. You will be sad at having lost all your work.